Health Benefits of Milk

The first food of a newborn is the mother’s Milk and remains as essential for decades. Often grown-ups stop taking Milk as they don’t find a good reason to keep having it. Milk has some fantastic health benefits, and everyone is aware of its calcium content, but let us talk about some more advantages that often get unnoticed, and most people are unaware of it. 

  1.  Being a great source of calcium, potassium, and phosphorus enhances bone mineral density that is responsible for bone-health and makes it stronger. 
  1.  Milk has some nine amino acids that are essential for our body. It also contains two high-quality proteins, namely casein, and whey. These nutrients repair cells of our body responsible for immunity power and safeguard the body from viral infections and allergies. 
  1.  A few people are known to the fact that Milk helps burn fat. It is loaded with two types of proteins that make your tummy feel full for a longer duration of time. This reduces your craving and risk of obesity. 
  1.  Milk has a cooling effect that counteracts acidic food. This helps heartburn, lowers pain, and prevents it too. The cooling effect form a layer on the inner lining of the stomach and esophagus. 
  1.  Milk is often taken in a large amount by athletes, and the reason behind it is not only calcium but also proteins. The proteins help in muscle growth and prevent muscle soreness after a workout. It recovers muscles from strain and gets it back to normal. Milk is also a boon to older people as it helps them gain muscle mass and prevents physical weakness. 
  1.  Women or girls having PMS can rely on Milk to make their life more comfortable and a bit less painful. Not many, but some pieces of evidence claim Milk to help PMS efficiently. It has a relaxing effect that relieves you from menstrual cramps and other problems during hard times. 
  1.  Being rich in calcium, Milk not only increases bone-health but also the right way of strengthening teeth. An enzyme named lactose helps in safeguarding your teeth from decaying and cavities. Also, vitamin D makes your body absorb calcium more effectively. 
  1.  Milk is known to be stress-buster. It has various vitamins and minerals that fight off with depression. Specifically, vitamin D calms your mind and eases muscle tension. It also has essential amino acids that are responsible for a night of better and deeper sleep. 
  1.  Milk and its products are known to keep the heart-healthy. Amino acids, minerals, and vitamins help in keeping the pace of blood pressure. All this safeguards you from cardiovascular diseases. 

Benefits of Milk for Skin

The first impression is the last; everyone must have heard this saying. And what do you think is responsible for the first impression? How you look is something that matters when you meet someone. And if you feel confident about how you look, the first impression would be the best. Milk can help you overcome your self-doubt and gain confidence. 

  1.  Milk is a natural cleanser and helps you eliminate those ugly blackheads, acne, and pimples that lowers your confidence. Especially, raw Milk is loaded with lactic acid that opens up blocked pores and clears out bacteria and microbes off the skin. 

Dip a clean cotton ball in milk/raw Milk and pat all over the face and massage it in circulatory motion. 

  1.  The lactic acid in milk hydrates dried skin that makes it a natural moisturizer. Milk also contains biotins and vitamins that heals up cracked skin promotes the formation of new skin cells. All this adds up to make your skin baby-soft. 

Dip a soft cotton cloth or ball in cold raw Milk, pat all over the skin, let it sit for 15-20 minutes, and rinse off with cold water. 

  1.  Hyperpigmentation, dark patches, and suntan are treated with Milk. We often have an area on our body with a bit darker skin tone; it can be dark patches or tan or pigmentation; raw Milk can lighten skin as it is rich in lactic acid that takes away dead cells gives you a brighten skin tone. 

Dip a soft cotton cloth in fresh raw Milk, apply it, and take a shower. Repeat it three times a week for best results. 

  1.  Raw Milk has lactic acid that has a compound named beta-hydroxy. Its anti-microbial property removes dead skin cells and exfoliates the skin. Also, raw Milk has protein and fats that hydrate dry skin and softens up rough skin. 

Apply a mix of raw Milk, honey, and your choice of oil on the skin and rinse it off with warm water to have hydrated and softer skin. 

  1.  Whole fat milk is an excellent remedy for burns or inflamed skin. The protein content makes a thin layer on the skin and cools it off. It soothes the burning sensation and also fades away redness that causes pain and scars. 

Use a cotton ball to dip in cold Milk and slowly rub the skin for the results.

  1.  Milk or its product helps with aging. It has an anti-aging property that helps encounter fine lines, wrinkles, and saggy skin. Vitamin D promotes the elasticity of skin and collagen production that safeguards skin from problems caused by pollution. This is done by counteracting free radicals that give you younger and joyful skin. 

Apply yogurt on the skin for 20 minutes before washing off with warm water. For better results, let the yogurt sit overnight and wash it off in the morning. 

Benefits of Milk for Hair

You agree, or not but confidence is somewhere linked with how you look. And your look is not only defined by your make-up, skin, and outfit but also your hair. Dull hair or hair loss problems are too common, but strangely, the solutions are easy too. Milk can end some of the hair problems you have to compromise with every day. Here are a couple of ways how Milk benefits your hair:

  1.  Milk has a type of protein named, whey that encounters the problem of hair loss. It triggers hair follicles that helps in strengthening hair and gives a shiny look. 

Use the paste of Milk, egg yolk, honey, and water on your hair and scalp. 

  1.  Milk has another type of protein called casein that has several essential amino acids and rich in glutamine. These nutrients are necessary to promote hair follicles growth, resulting in hair loss and the beginning of hair growth. 

Apply the paste of milk and egg yolk on the hair scalp.

Fighting-off Diseases

Now that you know how Milk can be a lot more beneficial than what we know let us amaze you a bit more. 

It is hard to believe that it has been proven that Milk can treat some specific types of cancer to some extent. Milk has a high content of calcium that helps in Colorectal cancer and Prostate cancer. Also, vitamin D content of Milk treats Breast and Pancreatic cancer effectively. 

A bone-diseases named Osteoporosis is also treated by Milk as it is rich in calcium, making bones stronger. 

As Milk takes control of blood pressure and cholesterol, it surely encounters many cardiovascular diseases. It reduces the risk of heart stroke and heart attack and takes care of heart-health. 

Side-effects of Milk

  1.  Whole fat milk should not be given to children before they turn 2. It is hard for them to digest high levels of nutrients, causing diarrhea and other problems. 
  2.  Milk contains an animal protein that can trigger type1 diabetes signs at a very young age in children. 
  3.  Casein is the main protein found in Milk. Higher levels of casein in the body are harmful as they can promote some cancers. 
  4.  People allergic to animal protein must avoid Milk. Especially in children, it can trigger constipation and bloat. 
  5.  A higher dose of Milk can lead to increased risk of fracture in bones and other problems. 

Adding Milk to your Diet

Now that you are aware of the pros and cons of drinking Milk, it can be noticed that the list of benefits of Milk is longer than the side-effects. Though we all know ways of consuming Milk, still here are some of the ways:

  • Smoothies are the best way. Children love it too, and if you add fruits in it, it naturally becomes healthier. 
  • Adding flavors in Milk is another safe and healthy way. Almonds, Pista, Haldi, cashew, etc. are the most preferable and tasty flavors. 
  • The milk products list is never-ending, and with each form, it has different benefits. Yogurt, buttermilk, cheese, etc. are loved by all. 
  • Halwa also contains a certain amount of Milk that makes it smoother and thicker. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q1. What is the best time to drink Milk? 

  •  The best time to drink Milk is between evening and dinner. It is better to digest and breaks the fast of 5-6 hours. 

Q2. Does Milk act as an energy booster? 

  •  Yes. Milk has some nutrients that boost up your body and gives you energy. 

Q3. How much is the consumption of Milk ideal for adults? 

  •  Adults need a specific higher amount of proteins and calcium. Three cups of whole fat Milk are ideal for adults. 

Q4. Does Milk become bad at a certain age? 

  •  No matter what your age is, Milk is beneficial to all age-groups in different ways. It can be harmful only if you have certain severe conditions or allergic to the animal protein found in Milk. 

Q5. Is it OK to drink Milk before bed? 

  •  No. It becomes difficult to digest Milk at night after dinner. It is always better to have Milk separately between two meals.

Q6. Should we drink cold or hot Milk? 

  •  Neither cold is not too hot. The right and the ideal temperature of consuming Milk is lukewarm. It promotes better digestion and absorption of nutrients. 

Q7. Can we skip a meal for Milk? 

  •  No doubt, milk is an excellent source of calcium, protein, and various vitamins and minerals but can not replace a meal. A meal should have all the essential nutrients that Milk lacks. 

Final Words

In this article, we have tried best to provide you with all the benefits of Milk. A glass of milk a day can keep you healthy. Keep its adverse effects in your mind while feeding children or others and have it in a limit. Anything that exceeds the limit becomes harmful. I hope you have to find the reason to add Milk to your diet as an adult.


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