Home Remedies for Severe Eczema

Eczema is a condition where the skin becomes really dry and itchy. As you itch it more and more it starts to become flaky and irritated and it can get to the point where it blisters or even bleed. So it is a very uncomfortable condition and for some people it can be very embarrassing too. 

You can try the given home remedies in this article to treat eczema at home and if it does not work then you are recommended to see a doctor.

Causes for Eczema 

In spite of the fact that the specific reason for eczema is not known, it is believed to be connected to the response by the body’s immune system to an aggravation. Eczema for the most part happens in families who have a past filled with different sensitivities or asthma. 

The imperfections in the skin barrier could permit dampness to exit and get germs in our body. Individuals can successfully deal with this illness with clinical treatment and by maintaining a strategic distance from irritants.

Home remedies for eczema

  1. Apple juice vinegar 

Apple juice vinegar is a well known home remedy for some conditions, including skin problems. 

Vinegar is profoundly acidic. The skin is normally acidic, however individuals with eczema may have less acidic skin than others. This can debilitate the skin’s safeguards. Applying dilute apple juice vinegar could help balance the skin’s causticity levels, yet vinegar can cause burns in the event that it is not dilute.

Researchers have discovered that apple cider vinegar may battle bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. Utilizing apple juice vinegar on the skin could help shield broken skin from getting infected. 

Step by step instructions to utilize it:

Dilute apple juice vinegar every time prior to applying it to the skin. Undiluted vinegar can cause burns or different wounds. 

You can utilize apple cider vinegar in two ways –

You can utilize apple juice vinegar in a wet wrap by mixing 1 cup of warm water and 1 tablespoon of the vinegar and soaking a clean cloth in it. Cover the affected area with cloth and leave it on for 3 hours.


You can attempt an apple juice vinegar bath soak. All you need to do is to add 2 cups of apple juice vinegar to a hot shower. Soak your body for 15–20 minutes. Rinse the body completely and saturate inside a few minutes of leaving the bath.

  1. Tea tree oil 

Producers get tea tree oil from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia tree. Individuals regularly utilize this oil to assist with skin issues, including eczema. 

Tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It might help mitigate skin dryness and tingling and help forestall infections. 

Step by step instructions to utilize it:

Dilute fundamental oils every time prior to utilizing them on the skin. 

Try mixing tea tree oil with a carrier oil, for example, olive oil or almond oil, and then apply the solution on the affected area. 

A few items incorporate tea tree oil in a diluted structure. Individuals can find the oil in nearby stores or can buy online.

  1. Coconut oil

Coconut oil contains restorative fatty acids that can add moisture to the skin, which can assist individuals with eczema and dry skin. 

Additionally, virgin coconut oil may secure the skin by aiding battle aggravation and by improving health of the skin barrier. 

Step by step instructions to utilize it: 

Apply cold-squeezed virgin coconut oil straightforwardly to the skin subsequent to bathing and up to a few times each day. Use it before going to bed to keep the skin saturated for the time being. 

Extra-virgin coconut oil is for the most part strong at room temperature, yet the warmth of an individual’s body goes it to fluid. 

Individuals who are sensitive to coconuts ought not utilize coconut oil. 

  1. Sunflower oil

Sunflower oil is extracted from sunflower seeds. Studies have demonstrated it ensures the skin’s external layer, which helps keep moisture in and microbes out. Sunflower oil likewise hydrates skin and may alleviate tingling and irritation. 

Step by step instructions to utilize it:

Sunflower oil might be applied, undiluted, straightforwardly to the skin, ideally in the wake of bathing while skin is as yet damp. 

  1. Aloe vera gel 

Aloe vera gel is gotten from the leaves of the aloe vera plant. Individuals have utilized aloe vera gel for quite a long time to treat a wide scope of sicknesses. One basic use is to treat eczema. Aloe Vera gel has the antimicrobial, antibacterial, wound-mending and immune boosting properties.

The antimicrobial and antibacterial impacts of aloevera gel can forestall skin infections, which are bound to happen when an individual has cracked and dry skin. Aloe’s wound recuperating properties may relieve cracked skin and advance mending. 

Step by step instructions to utilize it: 

Individuals can take out the aloevera gel straightforwardly from its leaves or they can purchase aloe vera gel from any store.

Start with a modest quantity of gel to check for skin sensitivity. Some of the time aloe vera can cause stinging or burning. By and large, notwithstanding, it is safe and compelling for grown-ups and kids. 

  1. Honey

Honey is a natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial specialist, and individuals have utilized it to mend wounds for quite a long time. 

Surveys affirm that honey can help mend wounds and lift the immune system work, which implies that it can help the body ward off diseases. It is valuable for treating an assortment of skin infirmities, including wounds and burns, and that it has antibacterial ability. 

Step by step instructions to utilize it:

Applied straightforwardly to eczema, honey could help forestall infections while saturating the skin and speeding healing. 

  1. Bleach in the shower 

Despite the fact that it might sound hazardous, research shows that bleach in the shower can improve dermatitis symptoms because of its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. 

Bleach can kill the bacteria on the outside of the skin, including S. aureus, which causes staph infection. This may reestablish the microbiome of the skin’s surface. 

Step by step instructions to utilize it: 

Add a large portion of some bleach to a full bath of water or 1 teaspoon of bleach for each gallon of water. Soak the body for 5–10 minutes. Wash the body altogether with warm water. Delicately wipe the skin off. Utilize warm water to keep the skin from drying out, and saturate following drying. 

On the off chance that an individual encounters any bothering, discomfort or redness, they should quit utilizing bleach in the shower. Individuals with asthma or breathing issues should cease from bleach baths, because of the solid fumes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What happens if eczema is left untreated?

Transient symptoms of  eczema incorporate irritated skin, redness, blisters and tiny bumps. On the off chance that these indications stay untreated, the skin can turn out to be thick, dry and scaly. There can be zones of going bald and color changes. Skin influenced by long term eczema is more helpless against auxiliary infestation.

  1. What cream is best for eczema?

Following are some best cream for eczema:

  • CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion for Itch Relief
  • Dove DermaSeries Fragrance-Free Body Lotion
  • Avène Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream
  • CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion 
  • Vaseline Intensive Care Body Lotion
  • Eucerin Eczema Relief Body Cream
  • CeraVe Healing Ointment
  1. Does eczema ever go away?

There is no known solution for eczema, and the rashes won’t just disappear whenever left untreated. For the vast majority, eczema is an ongoing condition that requires cautious evasion of triggers to help forestall flare-ups.

  1. What do dermatologists recommend for eczema?

Some of the dermatologists recommended moisturizers for eczema are:

  • Facial Shea Butter : Buttah
  • The Body Lotion : Nécessaire
  • Skin-Soothing Cream : Eczema Honey
  • Lipikar Repair Lotion : La Roche-Posay
  • Stelatopia Balm : Mustela
  • Soothing Creamy Oil : CeraVe
  • Ultra Healing Lotion : Curel
  • Eczema Therapy Cream : Aveeno
  • Skin Restoring Moisturizer : Cetaphil
  • Heal Whipped Skin Soufflé : Beneath Your Mask
  • Eczema Relief Body Cream : Eucerin
  1. Is eczema a sign of a weak immune system?

Basic skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis are found in individuals with ordinary immune system also. Now and then, skin infection is probably the soonest symptoms of an essential immunodeficiency illness and can prompt further clinical or lab assessment to distinguish immune deficiency.

  1. What soap is good for eczema?

Soaps that are good for eczema are:

  • Best Baby: CeraVe Baby
  • Best Body Wash: CeraVe Soothing Body Wash
  • Best Overall: Cetaphil Deep Cleansing Bar
  • Best Budget: Basis Sensitive Skin Soap
  • Best Hand Soap: Free & Clear Liquid Cleanser
  • Best Facial Cleanser: Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Hydrating Cleanser
  • Best Vegan: Splendor Pure Coconut Oil Soap
  • Best for Dry Skin: CLn BodyWash
  • Best Natural: SheaMoisture African Black Soap Eczema & Psoriasis Therapy

Final words

There is no solution for eczema, however individuals can regularly deal with their symptoms with home remedies, including oils and gels, dietary changes and medicated showers. 

On the off chance that eczema is serious or does not react to home remedies, it very well might be a smart thought to see a specialist. As soon as possible if a youngster or infant builds up another rash. 

A specialist may endorse steroid creams or other physician recommended medications to treat the eczema.


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