Health Benefits of Almonds

Nuts are something that makes anything more worthy and yummy. And when it comes to almonds, people love it in kheer and halwa. But having a few almonds in the morning can be so beneficial to your health that you might not even believe. Here’s a list of almond health benefits so that next time you have it, you know you are getting healthier. 

  1. Almonds contain a powerful source of fiber that keeps the digestive tract smooth and makes digestion easy. It provides helpful bacteria to the stomach that help digestion and fight-off digestive illness. In short, almond is a blessing to your digestive system that safeguards you from stomach-illness and prevents various gut-issues.
  1.  Almonds are loaded with various vitamins and minerals that keep your tummy full for a longer time. Especially calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin E play an important role in beating frequent cravings you get. Also, being rich in proteins and fiber, almonds tend to reduce the calorie count. This makes it capable of controlling weight and might even help in weight loss if taken accordingly. 
  1.  For diabetes, almond is useful when taken along with cereals. This way, the absorption of carbohydrates gets delayed. The proteins and fats content in almonds eliminate the risk of high blood sugar. Almonds are more effective in type2 diabetes as they uplift insulin resistance in the body. 
  1.  Almonds are known to be natural cholesterol reducers. When vitamin E content of almonds is increased in the body, it reduces LDL or bad cholesterol. Also, it forms antioxidants in the body that prevent cells’ blocking; this eliminates various diseases. 
  1.  Almonds are known to control blood pressure. The primary cause of high BP is a lack of magnesium. As almonds are rich in magnesium, it does a great job of maintaining Blood Pressure. 
  1.  As stated above, almonds help maintain blood pressure and cholesterol. This also means that it keeps your heart healthy. Vitamin E in almonds reduces the risk of heart diseases. Also, it gives more antioxidants to the body that enhance blood flow and prevent artery blockages
  1.  A few people are known to the fact that almonds are helpful to the eyes. Its high content of vitamin E guard eyes and safeguards from changes in lenses
  1.  Stress is a widespread issue nowadays but can be prevented by adding almonds to your meal. As discussed above, almonds provide antioxidants to the body. These antioxidants are also proved to be stressreducer. A lot of stress or tension in mind leads to various problems like premature aging, inflammation, and in worst cases, cancer. 
  1.  Almond has a particular compound, named Phenylalanine, which enhances the brain’s ability of cognitive function. Another two compounds that play a vital role in the growth of brain cells are found in almonds. All this adds up to increase brain power and efficiency to function. 
  1.  Magnesium ensures a healthy metabolic rate and is beneficial to the nervous system. Having almond with milk makes the food rich in potassium that uplifts the body’s number of electrolytes. This boosts up the whole body and gives energy; also, it eases memory flow. All this adds up to healthier and sharper memory
  1.  Magnesium also boosts up bone tissue. Almonds are highly beneficial to bonehealth as it contains calcium, manganese, copper, vitamin K, zinc, and proteins. All these nutrients ensure healthy bones. 
  1.  Almonds are a known factor to help prevent congenital disorder. It contains folic acid that ensures no genetic disorder in mother and baby. Also, it maintains the life cycle of a growing baby by developing growth cells. 

Skin Benefits of Almonds

You must have seen the number of ads of almond cream and lotion and moisturizer and what not. There are reasons why almonds are included in skin-care products. You might have even used one such product but not known to how almonds benefit your skin. Here go the reasons that almond products are insisted to be used:

  1.  People having issues of dry and flaky skin can rely on almonds. Almonds supply necessary healthy fats that increase elasticity and give you glowing skin due to vitamins A and E.

Use creams containing almonds. 

  1. Almonds contain fatty acids that take away oil from skin pores. Almonds get you rid of blackheads, whiteheads, acne, pimple, and skin rashes

Almond oil is the best remedy for all the above skin issues. 

  1.  Almond oil is also beneficial in fading away stretchmarks. It moisturizes and nourishes skin preventing skin tears. 

Use almond oil on effective skin for an hour twice a day. 

Hair Benefits of Almonds

Feeling confident and looking beautiful are two different things. And to look beautiful, you do not always need to have makeups and hair extensions or complicated accessories. All you need to do is to be smart enough while you take care of your hair. Applying a mix of almond oil with any other hair oil is much more beneficial than using one. Here are some of the ways how almonds are beneficial to your hair:

  1.  Hair fall has been the most complained issue. Not only women but men also are facing the same problem. Being rich in magnesium, almonds become helpful in reducing hair fall

Add almond oil in your hair essentials. 

  1.  Having dull and weak hair can create a problem with your look. The fatty acids present in almonds are beneficial to hair; they strengthen hair and give it a shiny look. 

Hair products containing almond oil will come to the rescue.

  1.  Having even a single gray hair strand is embarrassing. These premature aging signs affect self-confidence and become a big issue. 

Adding almond oil in other hair oils will do the work and prevent such problems. 

  1.  Having dandruff all over your shoulder makes you feel insulted. Dandruff flakes on the scalp make it itchy, and you feel like scratching your scalp. Almonds have plenty of vitamins that can be your savior and make sure such a situation never comes up. 

Massage on the scalp with almond oil for 10-15 minutes. 

  1.  Lack of magnesium leads to loss of hair. Once you stop hair fall, you need to promote hair growth somehow. Being rich in magnesium, almonds encourage faster hair growth. Also, it contains omega fatty acids that improve blood flow in the scalp and triggers hair growth. 

Massage with almond oil along with other hair oils to speed up hair growth. 

Fighting-off Diseases

Not only almonds are beneficial to health, skin, and hair, but also fights-off many diseases. Bitter almond oil is primarily used as a natural anesthetic. It numbs your nerves and promotes insensitivity for a limited time. Stitching of skin or plucking out a tooth makes it always helpful not to let the person feel anything. 

Vitamin E is an essential component in the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer‘s. Being a great source of vitamin E, almonds ensure the intoxication of cells. The flow of vitamin E in the bloodstream reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and even treats it. 

Vitamin E is known to fight off various diseases; cancer is one of them. Its effectiveness, along with flavonoids, increases and prevents Breast Cancer. Similarly, the high fiber content of almonds detoxifies the body effectively and prevents Colon Cancer. 

Maintaining blood pressure and reducing LDL or lousy cholesterol makes almond capable of keeping heart-healthy. These two levels are the cause of most of the heart disease. Heart attack, stroke, artery blockages, etc. all are prevented by eating a few pieces of almonds every day. 

A disease named Anaemia is caused due to the lack of oxygen flowing in red blood cells. Almonds are content with various vitamins, copper, and iron that increase the blood’s number of hemoglobin. And since hemoglobin carries oxygen to the blood, the lack gets fulfilled, preventing Anaemia. 

Side-effects of Almonds

  • Almonds may promote oral allergies. Anaphylaxis is a deadly allergy caused due to almonds that causes swelling and hives in the body. All such issues occur when a person is allergic to almonds. Consult your doctor before taking almonds in case you are unaware of allergy but get problems after eating it. 
  •  Though almonds are beneficial for the digestive system, it may harm you if the consumption is excessed. The excessiveness of fiber with a lack of water in the body can cause constipation, bloating, gas, and even diarrhea. 
  • Though almonds help in losing weight, if taken in excess, it may cause weight gain. This is because almonds are calorie-rich and play a vital role in regulating weight. 
  • Vitamin E is much more beneficial to the body than you think. But excess of it can be harmful too. It may obstruct blood circulation and result in hemorrhage. Also, in the worst cases, it may cause Prostate Cancer. 
  •  Almonds contain intestinal soluble oxalates in high amounts; these oxalates may trigger kidney failure or stones. 

Adding Almonds to your diet

Now that you are aware of all the benefits that almonds do to your whole body, from health to hair, you must be curious about how to add it to your daily diet. Having raw or soaked almonds is beneficial to your health, but there are many other more delicious ways to include them. Being almond is a nut; it is mostly used in sweet-dishes but can be combined with salty and spicy ones. 

  • There are a variety of sweets made out of almonds. Badam barfi, badam laddoo, badam peda, and many more you can make at your home. 
  •  Badam doodh or almond milk is another excellent option. Almond, combined with milk, increases benefits, and kids love it too. 
  •  Almond butter is something that a few people know. Just like peanut butter, it also is an excellent substitute with a lot more benefits. 
  •  Desserts made of almonds are common in an Indian household and are specially made on some occasions. Indians get all mouth-watery just by hearing badam kheer and badam halwa
  •  Chopped almonds are used in garnishing of various other desserts that make it look tempting. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How many almonds should we eat in a day? 

  •  The ideal consumption of almonds is 4 to 6 a day. But in case of gaining weight, its around 40 almonds a day, and its 5 almonds with milk for weight loss. 

Q2. Is it OK to drink water after almonds? 

  •  It’s preferable to not drink water because of its oil content that is insoluble in water. This can lead to the assimilation of fat in the esophagus and cause coughing. 

Q3. Is it OK to have almonds on an empty stomach? 

  •  Yes. It is advisable to have them on an empty stomach in your breakfast. It can be soaked or in any other form. 

Q4. What is the best time to have almonds? 

  •  Morning. Having almonds in your breakfast can speed up digestion, and nutrients get absorbed smoothly.

Q5. What is the best way to consume almonds? 

  •  It is better to consume in soaked form. Don’t remove peels as it has tannin that uplifts nutrient absorption. 

Q6. Is it OK to consume almonds at night? 

  •  Yes. It contains magnesium and proteins that soothe your muscle and keeps you calm. Also, it has some amino acids that help in better and deeper sleep. 

Q7. What happens if someone consumes too many almonds? 

  •  Excess of its nutrients leads to weight gain. It also triggers various digestive problems like Kidney stones.

Final Words

In this article, we have provided you with much information regarding the benefits of almonds. One can get many benefits just by eating a few almonds every morning. You may add it in different ways to fulfill the daily requirement. Just keep one thing in mind; crossing the limit can be very dangerous and must NOT be taken if allergic. I hope you’ve found a reason to add them to your daily diet and stick to it. 


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