Health Benefits of Papaya

There are many different benefits of papaya. From eye to the stomach to stress, papaya hits-off all the health problems without compromising your taste buds. Let’s discuss some of its evidence-proven health benefits:

  1.  Papaya, being full of vitamin A and an antioxidant named Zeaxanthin, has terrific benefits for eyes. While vitamin A prevents cornea, the antioxidant helps in reducing macular degeneration. Macular degeneration is a disorder in which the center of the visual field is blurred. The contained antioxidant also protects the eyes from injurious blue light rays. Zeaxanthin and vitamin A ensure overall better eye health and improves the vision to some extent. 
  1.  An enzyme called papain is contained in papaya, which helps in boosting up digestion. Papaya is also rich in fibre content and water that breaks down proteins and smooths the digestive tract. Having many other enzymes ensure the regularity and a delicate alimentary canal. All these aids add up to healthy and smooth digestion. 
  1.  Papaya is loaded with vitamins A, B, C & K that are essential for the progress of body tissues. Especially vitamin C ensures better immunity power, and all other nutrients fight-off various infections and sicknesses. Hence, boosting your immunity. 
  1.  Papaya has a variable nutrient called choline that recovers our body in sleep. Choline helps the transmission of nerve impulses resulting in better learning and memory. It also treats chronic inflammation and sustains the structure of the cellular membrane and eases muscle movement
  1.  The presence of vitamin K in papaya boosts calcium absorption in our body and decreases its excretion through urine. This results in a high amount of stored calcium in our body that strengthens and recovers bone faster and improves bone health
  1.  Papaya is a natural sweetener that helps both types of diabetes in different ways. While it controls and keeps glucose level low for Type 1, it controls and lowers sugar level for Type 2. So, diabetic patients can easily add some sweetness in their meal. 
  1.  Being low in calories, it is one of the best ways of losing weight with some sweetness. Its leaves have fiber content that makes your stomach feel full for a more extended period, reducing frequent craving for food. Papaya seeds prevent excess absorption of fat in your body. So, if obesity or a lot of weight gain is the problem, papaya is the solution! 
  1.  Enrichment of antioxidants and phytochemicals in papaya opposes and counteracts free radicals and keeps the heart-healthy. Papaya smooths blood flow as it contains fibers, vitamin C, and potassium, and its vital nutrients control cholesterol levels preventing heart-diseases
  1.  Papaya contains a fair amount of potassium that boosts kidney-health. It flushes out toxins accumulated in the kidney and lowers the gathering of uric acid in the blood that helps preventing many diseases. Even the seeds of papaya ensure smooth functioning of the kidney and the flavonoids present in it terminates degradation of cells. 
  1. As discussed above, papain present in papaya ensures regularity in the digestive tract. Similarly, the enzyme also helps in getting control of painful menstrual cramps. The smooth functioning of the abdomen provides easiness of blood flow during menstruation and reduces the pain. 
  1. Consuming green/unripe papaya with honey can treat throat dysfunction like diphtheria. It also controls the throat infection and prevents growth and expansion. 
  1. Having much stress leads to mental imbalance and has several other side-effects. In terminating stress, vitamin C present in papaya plays a vital role. Papaya not only hits pressure but also upgrades energy levels. 
  1. Itchy and painful ringworms are disappointing and frustrate one’s mind. But drinking papaya milk can be a solution as it contains carotene that helps ringworm infection when consumed regularly. Papaya also has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce redness due to infection and put an end to it. 
  1. The seeds of papaya can raise the healing of wounds. It has antimicrobial property that prevents growth and kills bacteria on the injured surface. Apply crushed papaya seeds paste on wounds for results. 

Benefits of Papaya for Skin

Papaya not only benefits your health, but it is also popular and effective in skin-care. Various face masks and scrubs are made of papaya to help your skin rejuvenate and alive. Let’s discuss some of the key-benefits of papaya for skin:

  1. The presence of vitamin A and papain enzyme nourishes the skin and keeps it hydrated by flushing out dead skin cells and proteins. 

 Prepare a honey-papaya mask with a half medium papaya and 3 tablespoons of honey. Apply the paste and rinse it off with cold water after 20 minutes for glowing skin.

  1. Anti-ageing signs like wrinkles and saggy skin can be treated with papaya. It is loaded with various vitamins and antioxidants that counteract free radicals and tightens your skin. 

 A Mask of mashed papaya can be the solution. Apply it for overnight and rinse off the next morning. 

  1. Papaya has natural bleaching properties that help in lightening skin tone. It has various active enzymes that safeguard you from suntan and other harmful rays. It cleanses the skin by pulling out all skin impurities. 

 Make a paste of half cup of yellow/ripe papaya and fresh lemon juice. Apply it on the skin and rinse off with cold water after 20-30 minutes. 

  1. Ugly acne decreases your self-confidence but can be removed with the paste of raw papaya. It has a high amount of vitamin A that treats acne and cracks. Removal of skin and painful cracked heels can be cured with mashed papaya. 
  1. Acne spots or dark skin at joints are faded away with papaya. It upgrades complexion and tones up the skin. 

Make a paste of half-cup of raw papaya and honey with lemon juice of 1 tablespoon each. Apply on the affected areas and wash off with cold water. Repeat the process 3 times a week. 

Benefits of Papaya for Hair

Papaya has lots of nutrients and properties that do good for your hair and make it better. The papaya hair mask is another popular and successful remedy suggested by hair specialists. Let’s discuss a few benefits of papaya for hair:

  1.  Seeing dandruff on shoulders and hair scalp is embarrassing, but you can get rid of such moments by using papaya. The seeds of papaya have antifungal properties that reduce dandruff and remove it to an extent. Papaya is rich in protein that cures split-ends
  2.  Papaya is a natural conditioner that strengthens and nurtures hair as it is loaded with vitamins. Vitamin A helps in producing more “natural oil” or sebum in your scalp and moisturizes it naturally. 
  3.  Lycopene is a hydrocarbon found in papaya that reduces hair loss and triggers hair growth. The hydrocarbon not only promotes growth but also adds volumes to your hair and make it healthier. 

Fightingoff Diseases

Now you are aware of the benefits one can get from papaya. It is useful in every way, be it eating or face mask or hair mask or papaya paste. It also is beneficial from seeds to leaves and unripe to ripen. If you are still in doubt or searching for some more reasons to add papaya in your meal, then you must know papaya treats many diseases as well. 

The risk of some chronic respiratory sickness like asthma can be reduced by consuming papaya.  Papaya, being loaded with water and fiber content, smoothens digestion and treats constipation. 

Dengue affects the number of platelets in the body and decreases it to the extent of death sometimes, but having lots of minerals, papaya raises the number of platelets and fights-off dengue. 

Being useful for both types of diabetes, papaya helps to reduce glucose level and sugar level of type 1 and type 2, respectively. And cures diabetes to some extent. Fibers, vitamin C, and potassium present in papaya help fight-off heart diseases like heart attack, stroke, or artery blockages. by reducing bad cholesterol and smoothing blood flow in arteries. 

As stated, papaya is filled with minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium, and copper, and helps in relieving arthritis pain.  Papaya counteracts free radicals and antioxidants by balancing them and reduces the risk of Alzheimer‘s. 

Papaya eases the bulged blood vessels and gives relief from pain; this results in the treatment of piles. 

Prostate cancer is cured by papaya due to the presence of an antioxidant, named beta-carotene. It also contains a hydrocarbon called lycopene that helps in lowering the risk of acquiring cancer

Side-effects of Papaya

  • If the consumption crosses the limit, it might cause digestive complications. A substance named latex is present on the skin of the fruit that may hurt the abdomen resulting in pain and uneasiness. 
  • Papaya has the property of blood thinning, so if you are on medication for the same problem, then consultation with a doctor is compulsory as it may cause increased and easy bleeding
  • Similarly, papaya must NOT be eaten while taking medications of lowering blood sugar or glucose level. The mixed effect can cause too low levels in the body. 
  • Though papaya treats respiratory sickness if the enzyme called papain is consumed in excess amount, then it may cause allergies, congestion, and asthma

Adding papaya in your meal

Fruits are lovable by all, and such sweet fruit like papaya can not be ignored. Having a bunch of unique benefits, papaya can be added to your meal in so many different and delicious ways. Let’s give you an idea of how papaya can be eaten in some easy and tasty ways:

  • Fruit Salad is the best and loved way to feed kids. Sprinkles of salt and pepper give it a spicy-sweet taste. 
  • Fruit Juice can be another easy way of getting all its benefits. It can be made with iced tea or lemonade or with a glass of water. 
  • Smoothies are another nutrient-dense and delicious way of having papaya.
  • Halwa made of papaya is popular in India and is one of the favorite desserts here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q1. What is the best time to eat papaya? 

  • It is recommended to eat papaya in breakfast as it helps weight loss and boosts immunity for the rest of the day. But you can have them even between lunch and dinner as a snack to aid digestion. 

Q2. Can we have papaya on an empty stomach? 

  •  Yes. Having papaya on an empty stomach can smooth digestion and prevent heart-diseases by reducing bad cholesterol. Also, you get a toxin-free body for the rest of the day. 

Q3. Can we drink water after having papaya? 

  •  It is recommended to wait for 20-30 minutes after eating fruits. Though there’s no evidence of water being harmful just after fruits but prevention is better. 

Q4. Does papaya help pooping? 

  •  Yes. Being rich in fiber and water content, papaya improves digestion and clears the difficulty in pooping. 

Q5. Who should avoid eating papaya? 

  •  Pregnant women must not eat papaya or should consult a doctor before having it. The unripe papaya is loaded with latex that may harm the baby or even cause miscarriage. A high concentration of latex leads to uterine contraction and result in internal injuries. 

Q6. Is it OK to have papaya before the meal? 

  •  Yes. It is preferable to have papaya an hour prior or later taking a meal. It smoothens the digestive tract and keeps you healthy. 

Final Words

Generally, eating fruits is occasional. Most of the people don’t have fruits every day. But with this article, we have tried providing you with some amazing reason to add papaya in your daily diet. It can be beneficial to an extent and may harm if the limit is crossed. Papaya is an effortless and tasty way to stay healthy and feed your kids with some healthy-food, and hence should be consumed daily. 


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